By appointment this may include:

  • Pre purchase examination and advice on purchasing of pets
  • Medical examination and treatment
  • Vaccinations and advice on vaccine protocols
  • De-worming and flea treatments
  • Advice on behaviour and treatment options
  • Advice and diets for weight watchers-electronic scale
  • Fast painless micro-chipping

Dental Care

Full range of dental care from de-scaling, extractions and polishing. We can provide advice on oral hygiene and preventative tooth care.

Surgical Procedures

The clinic is equipped to deal with most surgical procedures both orthopaedic and soft tissue.

  • Modern anaesthetic equipment
  • Safe, minimal pain de-sexing
  • Referral service for specialist procedures

Diagnostic Facilities

  • Vetscan Blood analyser - bloods done in-house within 15 minutes
  • Agfa Digital processor providing us with high quality, detailed images at a fraction of the time
  • Referral service for ultrasound,echo-cardiography and endoscopies


  • Advice, pre-mating examinations, ovulation times, artificial insemination
  • Delivery assistance and caesarians
  • De-sexing


  • Painless, stress free euthanasia's
  • Cremations done by specialist pet crematorium and ashes may be returned should you require

Fees and terms

All treatments should be paid for at time of treatment. We accept cash, cheques eftpos and credit cards.

We are always happy to give cost estimates for procedures.